The City within the City, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2012

This project is a critique of the capitalist market-driven tower-podium typology and its relationship with the city. Through reconfiguring the vertical and horizontal components of the tower-podium, this dense and efficient social condenser could be able to realize a greater role within the city. The reconceptualized hybrid amalgamation will be a highly dense and diverse architecture that is intimately symbiotic to its surround urban fabric, cognizant of the synergies between the private and public spectrum of users and program, celebrating and intensifying the pluralistic, complex and diverse character of a contemporary metropolis.

Study Models


Ground Plan

Longitudinal Section

Transverse Sections


Location: Hong Kong, HKSAR

Type: Mixed Use, Residential

Year: 2012

Client: /

Status: Research

Team: Nicolas Lee